Clinical and Quality Assurance Supervisor

(posted 10/15/18)


Directs and Supervises Enlace Comunitario counselors and therapists, provides a range of psychological assessment, diagnostic and therapeutic services in Spanish for children, women, groups, and/or families, as appropriate. Provides support and reflective supervision to counseling team and makes sure that the quality of treatment provided by the team is superb. Conducts Internal audits of clinical records and client files to make sure that discharge plans, assessments, and any other documentation written by counselors meet compliance requirements. May provide practical training and guidance to student interns and/or paraprofessional staff, as required. 


Specific Duties: 

  • Provides counseling, therapy, and/or psychotherapy to children, women and families as appropriate; prepares treatment plans, discharge plans, and follow-up care programs; provides therapeutic crisis intervention and emergency services as required. 
  • Leads weekly clinical staffing and supervision with clinical staff including therapists and lead case manager. 
  •  Provides Individual Supervision on a bi-weekly basis to each therapist. 
  • Keeps track of clinical staff’s training and ensures staff completes required annual training hours. 
  • Collects data about clients as required. 
  • Reviews and signs off on assessments. 
  • Completes clinical supervisory reviews in Clienttrax database for clinical cases quarterly as required by the agency and funders. 
  • Provides and/or arranges for therapeutic interventions as appropriate for families in a crisis condition and for those with serious disturbance problems. 
  • Follows up to determine reliability and validity of treatment used; makes recommendations regarding modification to services and service delivery. 
  • Consults with other legal and treatment agencies and individuals in relation to client records, rights, and responsibilities. 
  • Consults with other therapists and related professional and paraprofessional staff, as appropriate, in the performance of therapeutic and/or casework; refers clients to appropriate service agencies as required. 
  • Participates in the review of clinical issues and program policies and procedures. 
  • Coordinates training sessions/workshops for clinical team as well as for all staff to enhance service delivery. 
  • Documents all client encounters and contacts made on behalf of clients. 

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