Social Work Supervision FAQ:

(from Board of Social Work website

Q: What are the supervision and postgraduate experience  requirements that need to be met to become a licensed independent social  worker? 

  • Complete a minimum of 3,600 hours of post graduate social work  experience and 90 hours of supervision which has been accumulated over  no more than a 60-month period and cannot be completed in less than two  years.  
  • At least one hour of supervision must be documented for every 40 hours worked. 

Q: How do I document the supervision and post graduate social work experience hours?

  • The supervisor(s) must fill out the appropriate form and submit directly to the Board Office.  
  • This information is listed on pages 5 and 6 of the Application for Licensure.  
  • A separate form should be submitted by each supervisor  (from Board of Social Work website)



Supervision_General_Directions_and_Application (pdf)



Below is a list of approved supervisors with practice area to help you find the right fit. 

(NASW-NM does not endorse any supervisor--- these are  paid listings).

If you have taken the NASW-NM Supervision class, are approved through the NM Board of Social Work, and would like to be added to the list, fill out the "Supervision listing form" below.

Supervision listing form (docx)


NASW-NM_Website_Supervision_Listing_9.25.19 (xlsx)